Steady 1/1 - CA, Auggie/Annie

Title: Steady (1/1)

Description: Snapshots that lead to a moment (and the inevitable aftermath).

Pairings: Auggie/Annie, tiny tiny hints of Eyal/Annie UST if you squint really hard

Rating: R for sexual situations

Link: Right here

A/N: ¬†Major spoilers for 3x16 “Lady Stardust” and you definitely need to have seen it for full enjoyment. I haven’t written fanfic in a while, but this episode was a little too good not to flex my creative muscle. As a fun fact, Gorham actually mentioned Auggie is listening to the “Smile” album by Brian Wilson during the plane scene, so I kept in that tidbit. Who am I to argue with the guy who plays him? :)

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